Agreement – conditions:

  • the prices quoted are all inclusive. No other costs are added. Of course you pay for the petrol yourself.
  • payment can be made in cash, debit card or bank transfer.
  • the cars are WA insured. This also means that the driver must be 23 years or older. 
  • this also means that the car is NOT insured if damage is caused by your fault. The repair costs must then be paid by the tenant. Don't want to take this risk? You can then take out All Risk (CDW) insurance. This costs $ USD 10 per day. If the renter/driver has driven culpably/unsafely, this insurance does not apply.
  • if alcohol or drugs are used in the event of damage or an accident, the insurance is NOT valid and the insurance company will NOT pay out anything. Both the damage of the other party and the damage to the rental car will then be ENTIRELY for your account.
  • we make a copy of your driver's license and together with you we inspect the car.
  • you receive the car from us with a full tank of fuel. And so the car is also returned by you.
  • smoking in the car is prohibited.
  • put wet (swimming) clothes in a waterproof bag or bag.
  • limitations of liability. Limit of the insurance company in respect of one claim or series of claims arising from one event: US $ 83,800.00
  • accepting the rental car also means that you are familiar with and agree to the conditions of Libertad Car Rental Bonaire
  • the reservation agreement also applies as a rental and rental agreement
  • disputes are submitted to the court in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. The ruling is binding and can also be enforced outside Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.


We are available 24/7 at: +599 786 40 39

User tips:

  • NEVER lock the car. Unfortunately, car burglaries also take place on Bonaire.
  • so do not leave any valuables in your car.
  • Before you can refuel, you hand in your debit card at the checkout. Or you give the amount you want to refuel in cash to the cashier (overpaid, you will get back at the cash register). The cashier releases the gas pump, after which you can refuel. ALWAYS super tank.
  • on Bonaire, the ONGOING road priority. Even if you come from the right. If in doubt. . . . let the other go first.
  • the roads are often poorly maintained. So watch out for the tires.
  • the maximum speed within built-up areas is 40 km/h and outside built-up areas 60 km/h.
  • many animals roam freely on Bonaire. So be alert to crossing donkeys, goats and dogs.
  • the Washington Slagbaai National Park can only be visited with a pick-up. If available, you can rent a pick-up for a day.

Payment methods:

  • cash
  • transfer after booking confirmation
  • payment can be made in cash, debit card or bank transfer. Cash, transfer or MAESTRO no costs. Immediately CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard, Cashnet, etc etc) 5% surcharge on the total cost. These costs are passed on THE COUCH charged when using a credit card.