Agreement – conditions

    – the prices mentioned are all inclusive. There are no other costs. Obviously you do pay the gasoline.

    – all cars run on gasoline SUPER.

    – the security fee amounts to 350 dollar and is paid when reserving or picking up the car.

    – payment by cash, pinning or money transfer

    – the cars are liability insured. There for the driver must be 23 years or older. And your own risk of 500 dollar.

    – this also means that the car is NOT insured if damage is caused trough the fault of the renter. The repair cost will then be paid by the  renter. If you don’t want to accept this risk? You can get an All Risk (CDW) insurance at 10 dollar per day. For this insurance is an own risk of 500 dollar aswell. If the renter or driver was driven irresponsiblt or in a unsafe way, this insurance is invalid. Also,  alcohol and drugs use by the driver makes this insurance invalid.

    – flat tires do not fall under the insurance

    – at the airport you will be met by someone with the Libertad Car rental logo. Or as otherwise agreed.

    – we make a copy of your drivers license and together with you we inspect the car.

    – after signing of the contract and payment of the deposit we are ready.

    – you will receive the car full of gasoline. And that’s how you will return the car. If the car is returned without a full tank an amuont will be taken off the deposit.

    – no smoking in the cars .

    – put wet (swim) clothes  in a watertightproof bag or pocket. Don’t wear wet clothing in the car.



    We can be reached 24/7 by calling: +599 785 6426.


    Tips for users:

    – never locked the car. Unfortunately, also on Bonaire we have car break-ins.

    – so do not leave valuables in your car

    – before you tank leave your credit card at the chashier. Or you can give the amount you want to tank to the cashier who will returnany amount not used. The cashier then unlocks the pump after which you can tank.

    – always  tank SUPER gasoline.

    – on Bonaire, the straight road has prefeence. Even if you come from the right. If you have any doubts. . . . let the other person go first.

    – the roads are often badly maintained. So be careful of the tires.

    – maximum speed in built up areas is 25 miles/40 km and outside that area it’s 40 miles/60 km per hour.

    – on Bonaire there are many loose animals. So be careful for crossing donkeys, goats and dogs.

    – The Washington Slagbaai National Park can only be visited with a pickup. If available, you may rent a pickup for a day.


    How to register a accident:

    If you are involved in an accident, you must phone immediately Security Force Bonaire, +599 717 9292 or +599 717 7711. Dutch-English-Spanish and Papiamento spoken.

    The number of the police is +599 717 8000.

    Obvioulsy you also contact us. Our number is 24/7: +599 785 6426.


    Methods of payment:

    – cash (not preferred)

    – money transfer when resrvation, either to a Dutch Bank (ING) or to a Bonaire Bank (MCB)

    – pinning/swiping your card (Citrus Maestro etc).


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