About us

Welcome to Libertad Car-rental Bonaire. Libertad means FREEDOM. And that’s what you get when you rent a car from us. And………………

On Bonaire it is actually a “must” to have a car at your disposal. With our cars you can move freely to your hotel or guest address. Or to one of the other paradisiacal places of Bonaire.
Also for shorter periods, e.g. when you are temporarily on Bonaire for work, you can of course use our rental cars. You rent a great car at a very advantageous and competitive price. Very cheap and perhaps in terms of costs the cheapest car rental on Bonaire. All our cars have already covered some kilometers and have never disappointed anyone. The cars are technically in perfect condition and 100% safe on delivery.
And of course the cars W.A. are insured. Furthermore, all local taxes and other costs have been paid. All Risk additional insurance is possible. We can keep the prices low and therefore offer the rental cars cheaply because we only have used cars in our range. Of course we want our rental cars back in the same condition. But a small scratch is sometimes in a small corner and we do not make a fuss about it. All cars have air conditioning. Some are standard/manually switched and others are automatic.

Service……………………… GOOD! BETTER! BEST?
Almost everyone arrives on Bonaire by plane. It will therefore usually be at the airport, where you want to pick up and return your rental car. After a long flight, you do not have to stand in line for half an hour to pick up a car at 1 of the “big” rental companies. And fill in all kinds of papers. With us, taking a photo of the driver’s license for the insurance is sufficient. Then the payment and within 5 minutes you drive away. If you want another place for pick-up and drop-off, that is of course also possible.

FREE……………… The use of a child seat is free of charge.

IMPORTANT: The price includes 6% ABB (VAT).

On Bonaire you don’t have to get bored. Whether you are a diver, mountain biker, or nature lover or just want to spend the day on the beach, Bonaire has it. Visit: http://www.tourismbonaire.com/